Why Training is Important for Your Business

Building Skills, Loyalty and Profits

In many small businesses, training is regarded as a luxury; something that can’t be fitted into the average day. This should not be the case…

Although the focus of any small enterprise should be meeting customer expectations, it is training that can improve customer experience and boost profits.  When it comes to training, many people think of a boardroom, expensive technology and high-priced presenters.  This does not have to be the case;  training that is effective is targeted, but that does not mean costly.  The beauty of training is that it does not necessarily mean major costs and time off work for people who are needed to drive sales.

Some economical training options that should be considered are:   Product training, Providing ”knowledge packs” at each session, On-the-job training, Role-playing, Subscribing to publications about sales, entrepreneurship and small business and Supplier training days.  For more formal training, there are also several options available.  These range in price and time commitment, but could be necessary if more specialised skills are required.

The major benefit of training is one that is forgotten by small businesses;  it tells people that they are valued by their .  Training not only increases skills, it also creates employee loyalty – something that is vital in making a small business successful.

Developing employees also means that a business owner can select those with ability and build their skills for the future.  this means as the business grows;  trained people can be moved into new roles easily and with little disruption to the business.

Training is therefore a ”win-win” for everybody concerned, and should be regarded as an investment rather than a cost!

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