Adding Value to clients

The principal of ”adding value” to clients is one that sales people are told to do regularly, and the complexity of defining what ‘value’ means to the customer is never unpacked.

Saving money is one aspect of adding value.  However, money does not have long-term relationship benefits, not is it a sustainable  competitive advantage, unless there is a continual money reduction, rather than a once-off advantage.

Adding value to a customer is a mindset, rather than a sales pitch, and it should be embedded through the sales team.  The key in rooting a concept in your business is using a determined combination of intention, focused training and living the culture that you preach.

To assess customer needs and create a cost saving proposal is the simple part of the equation.  It’s the customer retention and sustained value that is far mone challenging.  Probably the biggest issue that most South African sales managers face is the order-taker mentality, which leaves wide gaps of potential sales at customers left untenured.

Adding value takes various forms.  Not all of these are articulable or measurable.  However, as long as the company representatives keep listening and remain focused on providing value for the customer, in whatever form that takes, the customer will continue to feel as though they matter to the company, and that they are gaining value.

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